Robotic Demolition

At Holemasters® we have a selection of Brokk Robotic Machines.

The Brokk machines are a range of high performance robotic demolition robots. The robots are 3 phase so they can be used indoors without the risk of fumes.

roboticThey are controlled by a wireless remote control giving the operator safety as they can control the robot from a safe distance. With the tracks on the machines they can easily be manoeuvred to climb up and down stairs, up and down ramp or alternatively they can be lifted into position.

The hammer head on a Brokk has a hydraulic hammer head which give more power to the breaker than traditional breaking machines.
The Brokk also fits through door ways from 700mm wide, giving this machine an advantage over others, it will also reach up to 5 meters in height depending on which machine is used, here at Holemasters we have a Brokk 90 and the bigger 180.

The Brokks at Holemasters can be equipped with a bucket, hydraulic breaker or a hydraulic cruncher.

These machines are fast, reliable and very powerful and with its quiet 3 phase electric motor, it can be deployed almost anywhere on the job.
Brokk machines eliminate hand arm vibration issues, and can produce more results than having men with breakers.