Diamond Drilling

Diamond Drilling is a precise method of drilling. It involved a diamond tipped core barrel ranging from 8mm in size to 1M in size. The diamond drilling method is the most commonly used technique we use here at Holemasters®

Here at Holemasters® we can drill through granite, brick work, stone and reinforced concrete.
Diamond Drilling has several different methods of operation.

We have handheld drills, we use Weka DK12/13 and Core Power Tools. Your core barrel will attached onto the handheld and then the operator can start to work. Ideal for holes that need to be drilled in hard to reach areas. The handheld is an essential part of a drillers equipment.

Rig and Motor 
When drilling using this type of method the rig will get secured to the ground, this will require a small hole being drilled which will allow the rig to be secured to the ground or wall. The motor will then be placed into the rig and then the diamond core onto the motor. With this type of method the rig can be secured onto walls at any angle.

Diamond Drilling has advanced over the years and we can help in almost every situation. We have equipment avaliable for electric, hydraulic and air diamond drilling. Because we drill with water to cool down the diamond tips it allows no dust which creates a more safe environment to work from. However if you do require dry drilling then we also have the equipment for that.

So if your looking for a hole drilled, big or small then we have the solution for you ! Give us a call today on 0845 467 1500 or use the contact form on the website !