Another on the road

We’re so pleased with the new livery we cant stop rolling it out to all our vehicles!

Here’s another one on the road.

Recently developed by the Holemasters Group & Hellcat Graphics as our new “25th Year” anniversary design, we’re sure you’ll admit its a real head turner!

If you require any passive fire protection or any fire door surveys please done hesitate to get in touch.

Industry Game Changer – Safety First

The Holemasters® Group can announce today that we are installing exclusion lights to our Robotic Demolition Machines, Wall Saw Machines, Wire Saw Machines and Floor Saws.

Earlier this year the HSE published provisional figures for fatal accidents at work during the year 2016/17 and falling from heights was no longer the biggest killer. The main cause of death was bring struck by a moving vehicle. At Holemasters we take every step to ensure we run safely on site.

We demonstrated this by investing in a 3D Concrete Scanner. The first commercially available 3D Concrete Scanner in Scotland, which enabled us to scan for live services before we started ouPhoto 06-12-2018, 08 09 56r drilling works. We expand that today by introducing we will be installing red exclusion lights to all our big plant and machinery.

These red exclusion lights will give a visual warning to anyone in close proximity of where we are working warning them not to enter the exclusion area.

Garry Downie, Contracts Director said “Safety is paramount on site. These lights will create a visual barrier which I know have been received well by our operatives and clients on site”

These lights are super bright red LED’s and will be able to be noticed in all conditions making them ideal for demolition works with the Brokk, saw cutting with the Wall Saw or Floor Saws and will also be a great addition to our wire saw.

Jim McArthur, Group Managing Director said “We think this is a game changer for our industry. Safety has always been at for forefront when working with these machines and when we discussed the idea of adding a safety exclusion zone the idea was a no-brainer. Its a small addition with big possibilities. We hope other Diamond Drilling contracts follow our lead by including these on there plant. Until then Holemasters will continue innovating and pushing the industry. “


The new Brokk 160

Holemasters are delighted to showcase our brand new Brokk 160 Robotic Demolition Machine. Don’t let the size fool you. The Brokk 160 is another big leap forward when it comes to size / performance ratio: Stunningly strong. Surprisingly small. This light-weight, remote controlled demolition machine with a new, power packed electric motor is hard hitting (plus 410 joules at the tip).

Jim McArtur, Managing Director said – “We continually invest in our fleet to make sure we always offer the best service possible. We want to bring the latest technology and performance and with the Brokk 160 this is possible. It will be a great new addition to the fleet which already consists of Brokk 40’s, 90’s, 100’s, 180’s and TopTec’s.”


Continued investment

Holemasters are pleased to announce we have taken delivery of a brand new custom built generator – the first of two that will be added to the fleet over the next couple of months. This is just another step in our commitment to investment. IMG_8913.JPG

These brand new JCB G116QS generators provide unrivalled performance with low fuel consumption, increased efficiency and low noise.

Bo th of the generators will sit on top of quality built knott avonride trailers. This will ensure stability and comfort for towing to and from the job site.Generator

New investment in equipment

Always looking to invest and upgrade equipment Holemasters are pleased to announce we have recently purchased a new SPE 20E Shot Blaster.

The SPE 20ES shot blaster is a large machine and electrically powered, it is mainly used for preparation of concrete floors but equally effective on steel surfaces.SPE20-Main

  • 508mm (20″) working width
  • Electrically powered, hydraulic dive
  • Fast blast steel to SA 2.5- 3 standards, concrete and asphalt with ease
  • Optional seal system to vary blast width

Self propelled and infinitely variable in all operations, the SPE20ES range can be dismantled to pass through 600 mm access holes in storage tanks.

The seal system feature as with all other machines can be varied to blast clean from 2″ up to 20″ wide for inspection of weld seams or line removal.

Recognised in industry as the modern, fast, versatile, environmental dust free means to dry abrasive cleaning and texturing of horizontal or slightly inclined surfaces. This eliminates mess normally associated with hand blasting.

An ideal surface for coatings and overlays to be applied results, whilst abrasives and debris are contained to prevent hazardous working and environmental pollution.

Holemasters announced as main club sponsor

Holemasters Scotland Limited have stepped up their current sponsorship deal with Airdrieonians Football Club by becoming main shirt sponsor in addition to their current two year deal with the club.

Holemasters are a nationwide Concrete Cutting & Diamond Drilling Specialist and have certainly drilled deep to support the Diamonds. The deal is for 17/18 with an option for 18/19 and under the new sponsorship deal Holemasters will become the main home shirt sponsor as well as retaining the ‘back of shirt’ sponsorship deal currently in place.

Airdrie Front SponsorThis gives the Diamonds the boost and security they need as they start the new season.

Chairman Jim Ballantyne said: “Holemasters came on board last season on the back of the shirt and the relationship has been developing ever since.

“It is a fantastic forward thinking company that operates across the whole of Scotland therefore the football platform can match that coverage.”

He continued: “However, the company also takes its social and community responsibility very seriously and this investment also falls in to that category.”

David McArthur of Holemasters said: “As a local company we take great pride in the fact that we sponsor our local team.

“Having already been half way though our initial deal with the club we saw an opportunity to boost our image further and to show our commitment to the club.

“We have enjoyed our involvement with Airdrieonians but when we realised the challenge the Club was facing, it was not a difficult decision.”

With the Diamonds just missing out on promotion last season they go forward with the ambition of building on last season’s success.

Holemasters branding will debut on the home shirts and additional branding will be seen around the stadium from Saturday, 12th of August for the Ladbrokes League One match against Arbroath.

For further information, contact:

David McArthur
Holemasters Scotland Ltd
0845 467 1500

Jim Ballantyne
Airdrieonians FC

Continued Investment

Holemasters are please to announce continued investment with the purchase of new Transit Vans to add to the fleet.

Jim McArthur, Managing Director said “Its important that we keep investing in our fleet. This includes our Vans and Equipment. To stay ahead of our competitors we need to make sure we have the right tools and transport that will do the job – On time, every time.”

Van 1 Van 2 Van 3 Van 4

Investing in new Equipment

Holemasters are pleased to announce the purchase of a brand new Robotic Demolition Machine – the BROKK 100. Brokk 100 is the successor of one of our most sold demolition machines ever. And what an upgrade!

2100This next generation Brokk offers 35 percent more hitting power, a more energy-effective engine, reduced weight and transport height, but with the same jaw-dropping versatility for demolition in restricted spaces. Well, actually even the versatility is improved.

In a confined space, size really does matter. The aim is to provide as much power and versatility as possible at the site, and the new Brokk 100 excels at this. Its compact design, easy operation, unparalleled stability, and powerful tools make it perfect for use in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial environments. In particular where there are space constraints or load restrictions on floors, but maximum productivity is still needed.

We see this as a great investment for all future works which require fast and effective concrete breaking. Hand Arm Vibration won’t be an issue on site as these machines are remotely controlled.

To get a quote or more information, please call 0845 467 1500.

The Master Scanners

Holemasters are pleased to announce the purchase of a new PS1000 X-Scan system. The PS1000 X-Scan can ‘looks inside’ concrete structures to depths of up to 300mm.

It provides a real-time view of the inside of concrete structures and generates images automatically, for direct on site evaluation by the operative.

The PS1000 X-Scan is able to locate rebars, tendons, metal or a plastic conduit, glass fibre cables, voids, woods and also can determine live cables in dry concrete structures at depths of up to 300mm.

3D Image Scan
Managing Director Jim McArthur said, “We are very excited to be introducing this fantastic new scanner to you today. This scanner goes beyond expectations and will change the way site surveys are conducted. Not only can you see what’s inside concrete but you are also able to go deeper with the enhancement of 3D technologies.”

The scan can be viewed on site with the complete computer system or they can be taken back to be evaluated and a report produced.

From generating a quick real time view of concrete walls to determine the ideal location of holes to miss any rebar, to a full 3D floor scan to determine what lies inside, and where – the possibilities for this device are limitless.

2-D or 3-D data visualisation with top view and cross section views. The image to the right is a 3D scan of a floor detaling the rebar thats inside. Notice how the machine detects the horizontal and vertical bars and colour coordinates them.