Holemasters Quick Blast System

This Water Blasting system stands alone, as the world’s most technologically advanced precision dustless blasting system.

The Holemasters Water Blast system is a precision dustless blasting system which combines the simplicity of conventional grit blasting with the effectiveness of ultra high pressure (uhP) jetting without the associated hazards and complications. The system rapidly removes coatings, corrosion and residues leaving surfaces clean, contaminant free and profiled to sa 2 ½ , hb 2 ½, sb 2 ½, nace Vis 9, wab 6/10 in seconds.

Whether you are blasting away corrosion as part of a maintenance programme, removing coatings for inspection purposes or removing material and residues that are no longer required this system will provide you with clean contaminant free profiled surfaces in seconds. From the heavy task of blasting through reinforced concrete to the more delicate and detailed operation of etching glass, Holemasters Water Blasting capabilities are endless. by varying the volumes of air, water and grit, the speed, surface profile and grit consumption can be altered to suit you and your job requirements.