Airport Work

Holemasters®  offer a complete package for the installation of Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL) fittings for new installations, refurbishment of existing installations or repairs to runways and maneuvering areas.

We are approved installers for all UK commercial and military installations. We have operatives passed for Scotland’s major Airports including Glasgow International and Edinburgh International.

  • Floor Sawing of new duct runs in asphalt or concrete, supply and installation of the duct and reinstatement with specialist rapid set mortars.
  • Trenching in soft for duct runs and installation of pit and duct systems.
  • Sawing and reinstatement of surface chases including drilling to lights and pits.
  • Reinstatement uses material which we helped to developed which can be placed in wet conditions.·
  • Coring to remove existing redundant fittings and making good the holes with rapid set cement based material.
  • Sandblasting, repairs and refitting of seating rings.
  • Supply and installation of extension rings, precast concrete make-up rings and precast concrete AGL blocks.
  • Coring for and installation of any make and type of AGL seating ring in asphalt or PQ concrete using SPD Certite products or any specified alternative material.
  • Optical alignment of Castle Castings, ADB, Thorn seating rings with alignment telescope and suspension jigs to MALMS tested accuracy.