Further to the Last nights announcement by Boris Johnston and the UK government The Holemasters Group, Holemasters Scotland & Holemasters Fire Protection have taken the very hard but sensible decision to embrace their advice and will take the appropriate steps to stand down all operations from 5pm today, Tuesday 24th March 2020.
We will have a skeleton crew who are currently working hard to recover and secure our plant and equipment from sites across the.
central belt.
During these unprecedented circumstances and the rapid spreading of COVID-19 the safety and welfare of our staff, their families, customers and suppliers is our main concern.
Like so many organisations we will continually monitor the government guidelines throughout this three week ‘lockdown’ period and release a further statement as further information becomes available.
All staff and I will be able to work remotely and will be contactable via email during this time to deal with queries.
You can contact us via or 0345 467 1500 / 0345 467 1600
Please stay safe and stay at home.
Jim McArthur – Group Managing Director
Holemasters Group Limited