Industry Game Changer – Safety First

The Holemasters® Group can announce today that we are installing exclusion lights to our Robotic Demolition Machines, Wall Saw Machines, Wire Saw Machines and Floor Saws.

Earlier this year the HSE published provisional figures for fatal accidents at work during the year 2016/17 and falling from heights was no longer the biggest killer. The main cause of death was bring struck by a moving vehicle. At Holemasters we take every step to ensure we run safely on site.

We demonstrated this by investing in a 3D Concrete Scanner. The first commercially available 3D Concrete Scanner in Scotland, which enabled us to scan for live services before we started ouPhoto 06-12-2018, 08 09 56r drilling works. We expand that today by introducing we will be installing red exclusion lights to all our big plant and machinery.

These red exclusion lights will give a visual warning to anyone in close proximity of where we are working warning them not to enter the exclusion area.

Garry Downie, Contracts Director said “Safety is paramount on site. These lights will create a visual barrier which I know have been received well by our operatives and clients on site”

These lights are super bright red LED’s and will be able to be noticed in all conditions making them ideal for demolition works with the Brokk, saw cutting with the Wall Saw or Floor Saws and will also be a great addition to our wire saw.

Jim McArthur, Group Managing Director said “We think this is a game changer for our industry. Safety has always been at for forefront when working with these machines and when we discussed the idea of adding a safety exclusion zone the idea was a no-brainer. Its a small addition with big possibilities. We hope other Diamond Drilling contracts follow our lead by including these on there plant. Until then Holemasters will continue innovating and pushing the industry. “